October 29th, 2011 - Dawn

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When Dawn started this page we were just starting to look at places to move after living in New york for 12 years (ok 12 for me like 8ish for dawn). We knew that we would miss the city (brooklyn) but wanted to find a place that we could both be happy.

For Dawn that meant working with a community of people that she wanted to help, getting some government funding, and hopefully finding a place that had a little culture.

For me it meant finding a place that would support me consulting, somewhere I could shoot photos, and somewhere that we could both get out and about on bikes.

During our search Dawn called a Clinic here in New Orleans, they told her that they didn’t want anyone new, but if she was coming anyway (we had planned to come to see the city either way) that they would interview her. We landed in New Orleans, after getting a rental car and checking into our hotel we were beat. I think we went to the Blind Pelican had a bite to eat then came back and flopped down in the air conditioning.

Dawn left the next morning to go to her interview, a half day affair that we hoped would end up with her getting an offer. I went on a little stroll through the garden district and stopped off at a bar/grill on St Charles to watch the street car slowly scrape by as I sipped on some drinks and had a red fish sandwitch. I was in love with the city already and wanted to tell Dawn quite bad. At the same time I didn’t want to get my hopes up, interviewing for a job is stressful enough and I didn’t want her to think I would be sad if we didn’t get an offer here.

Unbeknownst to me she had already been offered and accepted the job. She met up with me shortly after lunch, We sat there across from each other under a palm tree watching the street car slide by, enjoying the sights and sounds, and smells of a city we didn’t want to leave. We ordered and we both had funny little smiles on our faces. We sat and ate, and under the palm tree she asked me what I thought of the city. I tried to not get excited, and I tried to read her. The anticipation was eating me up and I told her I really was enjoying it then she told me she already accepted the job.

The rest of the story continues in the posts on this blog, we love it here and we hope it shows.


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