June 21st, 2019 - Eli

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It’s like 7 or some such bullshit time I shouldn’t be awake at. Heading to get the AC fixed in the car. It’s steamy and we’re set to break every hot weather record again this year. Don’t believe in global warming move to the south.

Dawn and I went for a bike ride last night and since I got a new phone. I just took the iPhone the new one has a pretty awesome camera.

Even though it’s hot as hell, fun must be had at all costs.

Until next time.


December 23rd, 2016 - Eli

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So 2016, what a year. Dawn and Eli have been just fine in their new home. They love cats, they love life. They acquired a new gato named ruckus this year. He has been a but of a poop terrorist but they do love his little face.
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Hello everyone this weekend has been amazing, a whirlwind and its not over yet, but I thought id share the Krewe of boo photos just to get them up here for anyone looking at the site for them.

Dawn’s Krewe the Pussyfooters were in the parade so of corse I tagged along and took photos. It was a total blast, thanks again ladies for letting me play.


Full Album Here






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October 28th, 2014 - Eli


Since Sept we have been ramping up for Halloween and for friends, we have had quite a few guests in the month or two? since I last posted. My man Steve (picture not included) and my man korgun have been here as well as dawns mom. Its been another whirlwind couple of months. Which right now makes me tired but ultimately we love.

Dawn and I have been great! Were married now and its a strange Label to put on your relationship. It feels weird to call her my wife and I think that feeling goes both ways. We have known each other so long as friends, lovers, its just another strange label. We didn’t change our names or anything because well why? Were in love as much as ever and well yea. you get it.

I have been posting a lot on instagram and on tumblr if your looking for more updates and more photos id check those links out.

Photos to follow.

Dawn made a new mohawk.

Anba Dlo Festival

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