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October 7th, 2017 - Eli

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As the hurricane approaches and we settle into the cocktail hour, the powers more than likely about to go out.

Its cocktail hour, the calm before the storm. I just added a couple galleries to shotbyeli.com go have a look.

Dawn and I are fine, safe. If anything crazy goes down ill get online and update. Go bags ready, Bug Out kit ready, Zombie kit ready (no this is 4 real we have a hand axe at the ready I won’t be caught off guard.. I’m straight Woke to the zombie threat). I’m about to grab a cocktail and watch the storm. Stay dry yall, and if you need to come over, if the house is standing we will be here.

Some New Galleries:

Young Men Olympians – Second line Sunday – 2017

Family Ties – Second Line – 2017


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Young Men Olympians

It was hot, relentless, sun exposure makes you loopy. Sometimes, just sometimes, thats a good thing, everyone in it together. Its hot brutal, we dripping. I danced in the street. In a moment of clarity, when other places are getting snow I stopped complaining and decided to embrace the heat, the sounds, the smell and the sights. I hope you get a little glimpse of that below, enjoy.

Young Men Olympians Shot By Eli.

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