January 11th, 2014 - Eli

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A couple of apps to help you:

Bathroom locator:
Apparently this has been updated heavily to work for mardigras, spray and prey.

Find My friends:
If you have any kinda iDevice this was the most reliable way I was able to find people I lost last year.


Krewe of Royal with Cheese Costume

Ok so many of you know we have a theme picked out already the theme is “tribal, road warrior, mad max, steampunk-ish” We are going as a tribe our colors are “Red, Orange, Gold“.

Dawn’s idea was to be a tribe I think its great we have a couple things already started to get moving on the costuming part. But here is the plan in general it will be changed as we revise or change it as needed.

So were thinking a tribal face paint with the color scheme of red orange gold, maybe body paint if you want. Its up to you the idea is to be unique but use the same colors so we are identified as being together. Remember as a kid when you watched road warrior and mad max and you totally wanted to make that costume? Well now is your chance.

I am thinking a set of football pads, with rubber tire tread and spikes with feathers and whatnot bolted to them. With some shin guards more rubber tire, and maybe an arm gauntlet. With either an indian headdress or a mohawk made of feathers.

Dawn and I will transform our home into a workshop the days leading up to MardiGras so you can work on your costume and decorate it however you want. If you need more ideas or just want an idea of what to buy that will be provided below. But if you don’t have it shipped here early you will have to get it to us when you get here so we can paint it up to match everyone else. And if you want something like a mohawk or a indian headdress ill be trying to make one this week so ill let you know how feasible it is to get one done for you and what it would cost if you want me to make one. Or if its possible to make your own when your here. Since everyone is coming in a couple days before MardiGras we should have time to get creative and have fun. Adding giant spikes to an outfit or spray painting your shoes to match.

Things We recommend:

  • Comfortable shoes / Combat boots. If you have some of your old military combat boots that can be spray painted perfect, if not don’t sweat it. Anything will do as long as you can walk in it all day. Its a walking parade all day so beware, you wear bad shoes your gonna get left behind.
  • less clothing the better, (if its warm enough) you won’t want a lot of stuff to take care of so leave your extra stuff at home and warm up with drinks and in bar’s houses wherever you end up.
  • your good attitude, it goes without saying what you saw on tv about MardiGras is not what it is. Its a super fun time where amazing costuming and having a good time triumph over all.


Ill have some more links to things that you can buy and ship here or bring with you.

Check out the following for ideas.

Pinterest for inspiration:

Amazon Shopping Whishlist for things / accessories to buy:

HOW TO’s: (remember our colors are red, orange, and Gold not black)

Stuff you can buy and ship to me:

  • Shoulder pads – I also have these on the amazon wish list for about the same price and if you buy 30ish dollars worth of stuff you can get it shipped free. If you want to grab yourself a bigger set as you can see the size of these below have a look on e-bay for some, they range from 30-90 for pretty awesome used ones. I like the older ones with the giant shoulders but its your costume so whatever tickles your pickle so to speak. 
  • Duck Tape 3 colors: Only buy these so they match what we already have. ORANGEREDGOLD  id say we may need a roll of each color for each person so if your planning on coming get some of these.



Ill be adding some to the photo stream here as well as below:

Dawn Shoulder pad and spike test


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